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Our Food: The Bitter Truth - Episode 3 : Stolen Land





Today, most of the products we consume contain invisible ingredients: human rights or environmental violations committed with impunity by a few multinational corporations.


How agro-industry seizes our lands and our bodies.

Stolen lands, deprived populations.



A Web Documentary in 5 Episodes - Episode 3



In the world, numerous communities are victims of land grabbing. Their lands are invaded by large corporations, sometimes under threats and violence. Deprived of resources, they are forced to migrate or work for these companies. However, some communities resist and fight to save their lands from the hands of agro-industry giants.

In this third episode, Hippo confronts the abuses of the agro-industry and meets peasants who have been driven away from their lands. Meanwhile, Blanche investigates the impact of these changes on local communities.

Struggling for the Land

Is there a connection between the commodification of bodies and the land grabbing? Blanche reflects on her encounter with Mercedes and Presley, who fight against agro-industry multinationals that appropriate and devastate ancestral lands.
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Raquel“Here, shrimp producers make their own rules. They do whatever they want. They’re unstoppable. No one can say anything otherwise, you don't wake up... They stop you from entering the area... or they kill you.”

Raquel is an activist of the Union Tierra y Vida movement.

Other episodes

Episode 1

Banana Spleen

Bananas are the flagship of the Ecuadorian economy, yet they are sometimes grown there under conditions close to slavery.

Episode 2

Breaking Silence

Blanche sets out to meet women who are fighting against gender-based discrimination and sexual violence in the workplace.

Episode 4

Collective Action

Giving voice to activists who share their visions for ensuring the protection of the environment and human rights.

Episode 5


Nosotros is the result of these encounters, with agricultural workers, activists, and marginalized communities.

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